Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ep17 - Michael Redfearn: "Hang in there, you never know what's around the corner"

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In this episode I chat with Michael Redfearn. Michael is a retired educator who spent 21 years in the classroom and then another 7 years as a Technology Consultant and E-learning contact for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Michael is currently the coordinator for the Ontario Catholic eLearning Consortium and is a Digital Literacy Consultant who is 'transforming footprint at a time'.

Is that Michael J Fox or Michael Redfearn?
Michael and I chatted about his time in the classroom, his work as a Information Technology Consultant and eLearning contact, the work he is doing as the coordinator of the eLearning Consortium, his new business which combines his faith with technology to help students create a positive digital footprint, how and why he ended up becoming a teacher (rich experience as a student at St. Jerome's High School in Kitchener, work as a Garbage man, wanting to work with people), what he would say to someone to try to help them feel motivated/inspired, his post graduate work in the Master of Catholic Though program at St. Jerome's University, and his resemblance to Michael J Fox and Michael Douglas.  

You can listen to the podcast here.

You can connect with Michael on Twitter (@redfearn) and at his website

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