Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ep16 - Jaime Casap: "What's your purpose? What problem do you want to solve?"

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In this episode I connect with Jaime Casap - the Chief Education Evangelist at Google. Jaime travels the globe talking about the power and potential of technology and the Internet to enable and support learning. When I heard Jaime speak at Google HQ in 2014, he talked about education as a silver bullet. His narrative has always interested me. Born and raised in Hell's Kitchen, New York (as a first generation American to a single mother), he experienced poverty first hand and 'beat the odds' to become an influential advocate for the improvement of education through the use of technology. 

Listen in to hear what Jaime has to say about the former Google Teacher Academy (now known as the Google Innovation Academy), the work he has been doing at Google for the last 10 years, the power of education and growing up in poverty, his motivation/inspiration to get himself out of poverty (fear and stubbornness), how he ended up at Google, being contacted by the First Lady for an event at the White House called "Beat the Odds", what exciting to him about the education space, the importance of being who you are, what real collaboration is, what he would say to people who aren't motivated and not sure where to start, how finding your purpose is different than doing what you love, and being resistant to change and what that actually means (it's not the change people are resistant to it's what the change actually is).         

You can listen to the Podcast here.   

You can connect with Jaime on Twitter (@jcasap) and/or on Google +.

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