Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ep14 - James Sanders: "Look for the smallest increment of progress"

James Sanders

Episode 14 belongs to James Sanders. James is an educator, innovator, vlogger, and founder (BreakoutEDU - a platform for immerse learning games) who resides in San Francisco, California. James has a passion for trying new things and going after the 'fun' aspects of projects that interest him - and does so with gusto.

Check out what James has to say about the path that has led him to his present day work, his background/history as an educator, being a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House, "What if..." questions and the ideas in his head that he wants to test out, the beginnings of BreakoutEDU (Canadian content!!), his vlog, and what he would say to someone to help them find their motivation/inspiration (Austin Kleon book called "Show Your Work").

Podcast Audio: Ep14 James Sanders

You can connect with James on Twitter (@jamestsanders) and/or at his page.

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