Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ep 37 - Carol Salva: "Just start, just try"

Carol Salva

Carol Salva is an educator in Houston, Texas. She is a Mom, a High School teacher, and an ESL Educational Consultant and Trainer with Seidlitz Education. When she's not with her family, teaching, and/or consulting, she spends her time adding content to her blog ( and leveraging social media to connecting with other educators.

Listen in to hear what Carol has to say about what she is currently doing, the current political climate in the U.S., her work an ESL Educational Consultant, podcasts, what motivates/inspires her, self awareness and open conversations, teachers that believed in her and didn't give up on her, issues she experienced as a student, leading students to success, feeling sorry for people who are not on Twitter, trying new things without being an expert - what she would say to someone to help them find motivation/inspiration, and taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone.

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Ep 36 - Aviva Dunsiger: "It has to come deep from you"

Aviva Dunsiger

Aviva Dunsiger is a Kindergarten teacher with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. She is a connected educator who is always willing to engage in discussion and assist members of her PLN. She is an avid blogger and enjoys doing so because it helps her process her thinking and learning, share her learning journey, and helps her reflect more about her teaching practices. Aviva is also a recipient of the Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence.

Listen in to hear what Aviva has to say about her current work as a Kindergarten teacher and with the Mehrit Centre (self-regulation), what got her into learning more about self-regulation, what motivates her to do what she does, wanting to be a teacher, being identified with a learning disability, her sense of humour, going from grade 5 to grade 1 to Kindergarten (class management, design, and space), her love for coffee, and how she might help others around motivation/inspiration (asking questions to help people find answers from within).

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Ep 35 - Megan Valois: "Get out of your comfort zone"

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This episode features Megan Valois, a High School Teacher at St. Pius X in Ottawa, Ontario. She is also a Mom, an Army wife, and a fitness enthusiast. With respect to teaching and learning, Megan is passionate about 21st Century Learning and the use of technology in the classroom (Edtech), Differentiated Instruction, Assessment for Learning, and a variety of other topics that make her an effective educator and an asset to any Professional Learning Network.

Listen in to hear what Megan has to say about how we connected, her current work as a High School teacher, working with English Language Learners, how it came to be that she became a teacher, past students who connect with/visit her, what she might be doing if she were not a teacher, what motivates her day to day, finding the time to eat well and work out, being married to a soldier and what it is like to deal with deployments, resources/support for military spouses and her volunteer work, the experience of parenting her 3 month old on her own for a period of time, what she would tell someone seeking motivation/inspiration, and fear of failure and the power of taking a step in a different direction,

You can listen to the podcast here.

You can connect with Megan on Twitter (@msvalois) and at her website