Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ep 54 - Tara Hunt: "Get out of your comfort zone"

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Tara Hunt is currently the President and Founder of Truly Social Inc (the best place for businesses to learn how to dive into the digital world) and is the host of "Truly Social with Tara", YouTube video series to help people understand and "get" what it means to be social in the digital world. Tara is also the author of "The Power of Social Networking: Using the Whuffie Factor to Build Your Business", a book about harnessing the power of the web to increase Whuffie, a currency based on reputation (being nice and/or notable). 

Listen in to hear what Tara has to say about the work she is currently doing, the work she had been doing before starting Truly Social and her YouTube video series, what it's like to hire people, what got her into social media, how she feels about having been deep in social media before we knew what it was, memes and viral videos, her book, what motivates her day to day, her involvement in politics and the Trudeau campaign, how school boards can better use social media to connect with their families, the first time she used the internet, what she would say to someone to help them find motivation/inspiration, what she feels like when she speaks publicly, the mispronouncing of Whuffie, and whether she would start her own podcast 

You can listen to the podcast here.

Tara's TEDx talk (

You can connect with Tara on Twitter (@missrogue), her website (, and on YouTube (Truly Social with Tara video series) Learn more about Truly Social Inc and what they do at If you are interested in learning more about Tara's book, you can find it on Amazon (

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ep 53 - Ed Campos Jr: "I would invite them to hangout with us"

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Ed Campos Jr is a High School Math Teacher in California. After earning a B.Sc in Math/Applied Science (Actuarial Plan) and a Minor in Computer Programming, he set out into corporate America enjoying the travel, pay, and the challenges that came with his work. After a few years of being out in the 'real' world, Ed realized that he needed more than financial compensation. He saw himself as a natural educator so he became a Math teacher and has never looked back.

Listen in to what he has to say about his name and what he prefers to be called, his journey growing up in Central California - studying at UCLA - entering into the work force (and the impact that 911 had on him) - and then becoming a teacher, the first time he used the internet, how the #straightouttacampos idea/design/nickname came to be, what generally motivates him, his involvement with CUE - Computer Using Educators (, his connection with Brown University, having his own podcast, and what he might say to others to help them find motivation (ex. disconnect and go for a hike, hit the beach, take time to be alone with your thoughts)

You can read more about #straightouttacampos and his class redesign here (

You can listen to Ep 53 of the podcast here.

You can connect with Ed on Twitter @edcamposjr or via email

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ep 52 - Dr. Will Deyamport, III: "What replenishes your spark and sense of wonder?"

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Dr. Will Deyamport III is a K-12 Instructional Technologist with the Hattiesburg Public School District in Mississippi. He is a connected educator with a background in the use of social media to reach an audience and connect with people. His passion for education and digital media is serving him well as he works to transform classroom practices to enhance the learning experiences of the teachers and students he works with. His understanding of the power of social media led him to his doctoral dissertation (Capella University) which was all about implementing a Twitter supported PLN to individualize professional development. Aside from his work as an educator, he also has his own Podcast entitled The Dr. Will Show (

Listen in to hear what Dr. Will has to say about his show (Podcast) The Dr. Will Show, his work as an Instructional Technologist, his interest in doing a podcast full time, how he chooses who he would like to have on his podcast, what generally motivates him, the path he took that has led him to his current work as an Instructional Technologist, his work as a social strategist and how his first podcast came to life, his Doctorate in Educational Leadership and how it came to be, his perspective regarding the 'openness' to tech integration in the classroom, diversity/variety of speakers at Edtech conferences, and what he would say to others to help them find motivation/inspiration.

You can listen to Ep 52 of the podcast here.

You can read Will's dissertation here and you can check out his podcast here.

You can connect with Will via Twitter (@iamDrWill), LinkedIn, and his website (

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ep 51 - Jennifer Casa-Todd: "Seek out people who are inspiring"

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Jennifer Casa-Todd is a Teacher Librarian in Aurora, Ontario. Prior to her current role, she worked as a Program Resource Teacher for Literacy and as a Literacy Consultant. She worked with teachers from K to 12 to integrate technology in the classroom to support literacy, assessment and differentiation, and to promote 21st century competencies. Jennifer is the author of a newly released book entitled Social LEADia: Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership.

Listen in to hear what Jennifer has to say about being a Teacher Librarian in a High School, her concussion and recovery, writing a book, the importance of inviting students to be part of the process, the Voxer app and its potential for learning/connecting, the use of Flipgrid for ongoing dialogue with respect to her book, what motivates her, what she will be presenting at ISTE, becoming a GEG Ontario Leader, and what she would say to someone to help them find motivation.

You can listen to the podcast here.

You can order a copy of her book from Amazon. You can explore additional resources for the book at

You can connect with Jennifer on Twitter (@JCasaTodd) and her at her blog

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ep 50 - Allie Ruby: "How do you feel right now? How do you want to feel?"

Allie Ruby works in Information Management for a research company in Des Moine, Iowa. Aside from her day job, she is a power lifter. She embarked on a journey a couple of years ago to transform herself (body and mind) and has found success. She has been sharing her journey on Instagram and has gained quite a following. Her posts provide a lot of insight and nuggets of wisdom.

Listen in to hear what Allie has to say about the series of events that led her to want to transform herself, her degree in genetics from the University of Iowa and learning how to learn, using social media to hold herself accountable, document her transformation journey, and to connect with people on a global scale, human needs, fulfillment, and helping people, her experience with YouTube and how it is helping people, what motivates her, the story of her tattoos, what she would say to help others find motivation, how the people around her dealt with her transformation, why people don't do what they really want to do.

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You can listen to the podcast here.

You can connect with Allie via email ( and/or Instagram (@ididitformyself).

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ep 49 - Leigh Cassell: "What makes you happy?"

Leigh Cassell

Leigh Cassel is a Technology Coach with the Avon Maitland District School Board. First and foremost, Leigh is a mom! Her role as a Technology Coach has her supporting technology integrated learning from K-8. She is also founder and president of the Human Digital Library, and co founder of A Kids Guide to Canada.

Listen in to hear what Leigh has to say about her day job and the work she does on the periphery, her experiences with the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP), the work she did in Education before becoming a Tech Coach, what motivates and inspires her, her work with A Kids Guide to Canada and the amazing things coming out of it, the Digital Human Library and how it came to be, her teaching practice and how it has transformed since integrating video conferencing, and what she would say to someone if they asked her to to help them find motivation and inspiration.

You can listen to the podcast here.

You can connect with Leigh on Twitter (@LeighCassel) or (@akgtCanada), at the Kids Guide to Canada website (, and at the Human Digital Library (

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ep 48 - Tan Huynh: "Start with questions and continue with questions."

Tan Huynh is an ELL teacher in Laos. His story of how he ended up in Education is an interesting one. Never intending on becoming a teacher, Tan felt a pull to the profession. In his 10 year career, he has tried to go in other directions but just kept getting dragged back to teaching.

Listen in to what Tan has to say about starting out as a Teach for America teacher in New Orleans, his background and how he was one of the last boat people (South of Saigon) and ended up in Pennsylvania, his studies at Dickinson College and his Mother's perspective on the fact that he is an educator, his journey back to the part of the world where he came from, his current teaching assignment, his name and the proper pronunciation of it, making sure kids (particularly ELLs) fit in and feel at home, being so much more than teachers (service to the community), what motivates him, his thoughts on what is the most important thing he has learned so far as a teacher, and what he might say to others to help them find motivation.  

You can listen to the Podcast here.

You can connect with Tan on Twitter (@TanELLclass) and at his website (