Thursday, September 22, 2016

And the Learning Continues with Zencastr

Ever since the Blab website went away, I have been using Google Hangouts on Air to connect with my guests. After the hangout I take the audio from the video and then edit it using Audacity. Well, earlier this month Google Hangouts on Air moved over to YouTube. It now lives within the "Live Streaming" section over there. At first I wasn't very happy about this but after some investigation I realized that it is essentially the same thing, just in a different place.

Last night, while I was surfing the net I got a FB message from my Jedi Podcasting Master, +Brian Briggs. He had found a 'new' podcasting option and was letting me know about it. Less than 2 minutes later, we are chatting on this new platform!! Talk about making my day! As Brian and I were chatting and soaking in the features/options on this site I had to wipe the drool from my face before it hit my keyboard. 

Zencastr is the name of the site and you can read about all its amazingness at the site. I just listened to the short audio Brian and I recorded yesterday and it's great! There is no video option with Zencastr but that is ok because video uses up a lot of bandwidth which reduces the quality of the audio when people are using wifi (and even when people are hard wired) to connect. 

Looking forward to using Zencastr right away. Stay tuned. 

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