Friday, August 19, 2016

Life's No Fun Without Obstacles, Right?

Not happy. I just got back from an awesome family vacation and super pumped to connect with +Toby Price. Toby and I have been going back and forth to find a good time to chat. I have been using Blab to connect with my podcast guests. Blab WAS an awesome way to capture video and audio - I would start the blab and then send the link to my guest. They would them pop in via video, I would hit "record" and we would chat. At the end, I would stop recording and Blab would send me an email of the audio and video file of the chat. It was amazing.

I go to log into Blab tonight and find this:

While this is happening, I am going back and forth with Toby on Facebook messanger about what is going on and next steps!! Of course he is gracious and offers to give this a go another day but I am determined to make this happen, tonight.  We set up a Google Hangout and record it, which works but not as good as Blab did!! As I write this post I am using an online video converter to grab the audio from the video. Word up to +Brian Briggs (my podcast Jedi Master) for listening to my rant about Blab being gone and offering me advice on how to proceed. Brian has been my go to guy for all things podcasting so it's really important that acknowledge the support and advice he provides me with. 

As I sat there, pouting, Brian tweets me and says that this "Keeps us on our toes and continuing to learn". So true, but you know, I wasn't in the mood to "learn" at that moment in time. Anyway, I just got the notification that I have stripped the audio from my video. I'm going to listen to it now and relive my great chat with Toby so I can get it published for the rest of the world to hear.  

"If you're not learning, you're dying" - +Tonya Reesor. 

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