Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ep7 - Karen Lirenman: "Look for joy, listen to understand, and let stuff go"

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In this episode I connect with Karen Lirenman, an elementary teacher (Grade 1-3 combined class) in British Columbia. Karen works at the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (a blended learning program involving home and school) where students learn through inquiry and project based learning using a variety of digital tools.

Listen to Karen talk about her new role and how she is "reinventing" school for her students, how she is evolving and questioning her past practice, her jump from a traditional role to this one, her new book (co-written by Kristen Wideen) "Innovate with Ipad: Lessons to Transform Learning in the Classroom, where she gets her inspiration from, and how/where people can find motivation,

You can connect with Karen on Twitter (@KLirenman) and/or at You can also check out her book at

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