Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ep8 via 13: Stephen Hurley 2.0: "What is really valuable for you?"

Episode 8 brings you Stephen Hurley, a retired elementary school teacher who spent over 30 years as a classroom teacher, a curriculum consultant, and teacher educator who says he is "just getting started"!

StephenHurleyPicIn our first chat for the podcast Stephen talked about his interest in radio (internet based DS 106 Radio), being retired (but not really) - how he fell into teaching, his work as an educator, what he is currently up to (his interest in listening to and pulling out the stories of educators), his interest in promoting a culture of story telling, appreciative inquiry, the concept of community and ideas to make space for parents, what schools can be, and having conversations with people to get a good grip on what motivates them.

Unfortunately, the audio of our first chat was not satisfactory. I pulled the podcast and we agreed to connect again to record the podcast. Today I bring you Stephen Hurley 2.0 - the new and (audio) improved version.

In this episode Stephen talks about how he discovered DS 106 Radio (internet radio), the power of social media in connecting with others, the work he did when he was a "formal" teacher (a "checkered" history - you will see what I mean by this once you hear the podcast), the work he did at the Faculty of Education (OISE), share your imagination/passion with the powers that be, the possibility of losing touch with what happens in a school on a day to day basis when you work at the district office, the work he is currently doing and the motivation/inspiration leading him in that direction (reluctant Pianist and connecting with shareholders in Edu), providing environments for people to flourish, growth mindset and different lenses to look at our work through, neuroscience, "best practice" and how those words drive him crazy, the work teachers do (kids and curriculum), what he would say/do to help others find their motivation/inspiration in the work that they do, making a promise to me about playing the piano the next time he is on the podcast!


Canadian Education Association - Regional Exchanges

You can connect with Stephen on Twitter (@Stephen_Hurley) and/or at

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