Friday, August 19, 2016

Ep5 - Toby Price: "What's the Why?

Toby Price

In this episode I chat with +Toby Price - Principal at Richland Upper Elementary School in Mississippi. Aside from being a proud elementary school principal, Toby is a father of 3, a special needs dad, and a Jed-iPad Master of Educational Technology who leverages social media to share his love of learning, parenting, autism, and Star Wars! Toby is down to earth and has a great attitude and perspective on life. His passion for his family and his work is evident - there is no way that you could miss it. 

Listen in to hear Toby talk about his school community (what he means by "we get to, we don't have to") and his work life, parenting his children (two of which have Autism) and his home life, making a living, tweeting Oprah, Star Wars, Man vs Autism, Wrestling, Grog the Zombie and Sheep, giving kids something to remember, and his opinion on what people need to do to stay motivated and inspired.
You can connect with Toby on Twitter (@jedipadmaster) and/or at his page or his Blog

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