Monday, January 30, 2017

Ep 34 - Student from Syria: "Be happy, you will win"

In this episode I speak to one of my students. He is one of the many Syrians that have come to Canada to start a new and peaceful life. He has been in Canada since February 2016, and I have been his classroom teacher all this time. He is kind, respectful, open to new learning, and has a great sense of humour. He hasn't said too much about what he experienced in Syria but every now and again he shares a story or two and when he does, you can hear a pin drop in the classroom. He recently created a presentation on how we (English speaking folk in Canada) can help new English Language Learners to our school and it led to a great discussion about his learning experience since arriving in Canada. I asked him if he wanted to speak with me on the Podcast so others could hear about his story and what motivates and inspires him each day. He agreed and was happy to do so. 

Listen in as he talks about his Canadian experience thus far, life before leaving Syria, the reality of war, not being able to play outside with his friends, a close call with bullets, how it feels to be safe and free in Canada, being provided with winter gear upon arrival to Canada, his thoughts about returning to Syria one day, what motivates and inspires him, and what he can do to help others find motivation and inspiration. 

You can listen to the Podcast here.

He would love to hear your thoughts on his experience. Please feel free to tweet me (@rchids) or comment on the blog and I will pass your thoughts/messages on to him. 

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