Friday, January 6, 2017

Ep 30 - David Theriault: "Let's take a walk."

I was quite excited to meet David and learn from him at Google HQ in Mountain View.
David Theriault is a High School English Literature teacher in Southern California. David is a creative individual who is a gifted writer and speaker. Aside from the cool and engaging things he does in his classroom and on his blog, he is a husband and a father and takes those roles quite seriously. I must mention that he is a baseball fan, honorary Canadian, and the one who first coined #maplesyrupedu.

David was a lead learner at the Google Teacher Academy in Mountain View during the summer of 2014. In the Google education circles, David is well known for the video he created as part of his application to become a certified innovator.

He also did the closing keynote at the 2015 CUE Fall Conference.

Listen in to hear what David has to say about the work he does, what motivates and inspires him, and his perspective on how he can help others find motivation inspiration.

Click here to go to the Podcast.

You can connect with David on Twitter (@davidtedu).

Check out his blogs: The Readiness is All and IDEAFM.

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