Friday, April 7, 2017

Ep 42 - Brenda Sherry: "Make new connections"

Brenda is an Education Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s 21st Century Learning Unit. She has experienced a variety of positions in education prior to being seconded to the Ministry (teacher, instructional coach, and vice principal). Brenda is interested in engaging and empowering students using constructivist learning environments that bring the arts, science, math and technology together in powerful ways. She is a collaborative professional around the province, and beyond, to bring the best of learning with technology to Ontario students and teachers.

Listen in to hear what Brenda has to say about visiting Waterloo Catholic DSB to get a feel for the journey they have been on with 21st Century Learning, what led her to teaching and the journey she has been on (spec ed, classroom teacher [primary], literacy teacher, tech coach, vice principal, education officer), what led her to consider trying school administration/leadership, learning new things and accidentally preparing for future life experiences (school leadership), keeping an eye open for potential school leaders, what motivates her, her elementary and high school experience, what she would say to someone to help them find their motivation. 

You can listen to the podcast here.

You can connect with Brenda on Twitter (@brendasherry) and at her website

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