Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ep 20 - Dave Guymon: "Talk about their concerns and find their wins"

In this episode I chat with Dave Guymon, an Instructional Technology Coach in Idaho. Dave started his teaching career as a 3rd and 6th grade teacher, moved into the role of an online middle school teacher, then became a Digital Innovation Coordinator, and now is an instructional tech coach role. He has written a book called "If You Can't Fail, It Doesn't Count", holds a Master's Degree in Educational/Instructional Technology, and has a little family that keeps him busy and upbeat. 

Listen in to what Dave had to say about Idaho potatoes, how he got into education, what he is currently doing as an educator, the role of tech in the classroom, taking risks, how he got into his current role as a technology coach, the book he wrote years ago, thinking about writing another book (about the changes he has recently made in his life), his journey to becoming healthier (eating and running), what kept him going as he changed his lifestyle, his growing family, and what he would say to someone to help them find their motivation.  

You can listen to the Podcast here.

You can connect with Dave via Twitter - @DaveGuymon

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