Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Learning to Podcast

I have this idea (which I think is great), it involves talking to people (particularly those that work in Education) to find out what inspires them and how they innovate in their day to day work.

I will post more about my idea, where it came from, and my vision moving forward in another post. For now, I want to keep track of the people and sites that I have come across to assist me in learning how to create a podcast and publish it.

I have spent some time communicating with Brian Briggs and  Bill Selak - both of whom have been quite helpful. They have provided me with their experience and some resources to get me started. David Theriault kick started things when I tweeted him to see if he has written a blog post about podcasting...the answer was no, but he tweeted out to some of his people who ended up providing me with some great leads. 

Here are the sites that I have gone back to several times for instruction and reference:

Special shout out to Michael Redfearn who used the work 'podcast' in a conversation we had years ago at TEDx Waterloo. He interviewed me at that event and then created a podcast around it. I remember thinking, this is crazy...I am finally joining his ranks!

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